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By Brad Graham

Supply your pals and kinfolk the surprise in their lives! fifty one High-Tech sensible Jokes for the Evil Genius has every little thing you must pull devastatingly humorous (and safe!) technical pranks. From the “evasive beeping thing” to “rats within the walls” to the “rigged lie detector,” you’ll discover a plethora of pranks that might feed your internal hacker if you create a country of utter confusion round you! utilizing easy-to-find components and instruments that every one Evil Geniuses can get their arms on, those well-played but innocuous pranks will confound your unsuspecting pursuits at any time when. Plus, each equipment should be combined and paired, permitting you to create countless numbers of bigger, much more twisted evil prank units! fifty one High-Tech sensible Jokes for the Evil Genius offers you:

• directions and plans for fifty one simple-to-advanced initiatives, entire with two hundred how-to illustrations that allow you to construct each one machine visually

• Frustration-factor removal—all the wanted components are indexed, besides sources

• Video hyperlinks to some of the useful jokes on

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Try a 50–100K resistor or a variable 100K resistor in series with the CDS cell to help the unit switch on in a dimly lit environment. A little experimentation may be necessary, but once working, the dripper will spring into action as soon as the light is off and become silent as soon as someone turns on the light to investigate. Figure 2-3 The dripper circuit assembled 19 Project 1—The Dripping Faucet seconds each and several pulses per second. The pulse rate is controlled by setting variable resistor VR1 to the desired rate.

Figure 2-5 shows the completed dripping faucet device ready to ruin a good night’s sleep when the light goes out. This unit can even detect the hallway light, so it really is difficult to track down unless you have night vision goggles! In Figure 2-5, you can see the small switch that I added in series with one of the battery connections to turn the device off when it is not in use. If you want to expand the vocabulary of this device, you could add two cabinet mounted variable resistors for VR1 and VR2 to allow it to be turned into a cricket, mouse, fast drip, or just about any similar sound by simply turning the two knobs.

To replace the thread spool with a different color, the bolt is removed and then the thread spool is forced away from the motor shaft. If your motor did not have a gear attached that allows the thread spool to be fitted, then dig around your parts box for some small cylindrical object that can be forced onto the motor shaft that will also hold the thread spool. In a pinch, multiple layers of heat-shrink tubing over the motor shaft would do the job, but may make a vibrating noise from misalignment as the spool winds in the thread.

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