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By Ross Petras, Kathryn Petras

A connoisseur's compendium of Freudian slips,  spoonerisms, double-talk, and utter bosh from famous  and notorious figures earlier and current -- a  complete path in anti-eloquence through the foot-in-mouth  champions of all time.

Note: a prior version of this publication used to be released in 1993 by way of Doubleday. it really is right here reprinted via association with Doubleday.

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So far as I have observed, the most striking, the most prominent, the most American of all American characteristics is the poverty of it in the American character. Even the foreigner loses his kindly politeness as soon as we get him Americanized. When we have been abroad among either the naked savages or the clothed civilized, for even so brief a time as a year, the first thing we notice when we get back home is the wanton and unprovoked discourtesies that assail us at every turn. They begin at the customs pier, and they follow us everywhere.

So they turned into Forest street and proceeded on their way. In a little while they found themselves hopelessly entangled among the grading and gas-laying improvements, which have been going on in that street since the inauguration of the Christian Era. They shouted for help and presently made themselves heard; passers-by ran to the vicinity, and as soon as they comprehended the state of the case an alarm was sounded (it is due to Mr. Joseph W. Milligan, grocer, to say that he was the first to get to a fire alarm station and turn the key) and within a few minutes all the bells in the city were clamoring.

I’ll bet he don’t. But never mind—it ain’t for me to contradict. ” “I jest expected as much. Because, you know—take hold o’ suthin, mum, for I’m a-going to make a little communication, and I reckon maybe it’ll jar you some. There’s been an accident, mum. qxd 6/22/04 8:21 AM Page 25 + Courtesy to Unexpected Visitors ∂ (from a 1906 speech) At one time in our domestic history we had a colored butler who had a failing. He could never remember to ask people who came to the door to state their business.

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