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By P. G. Wodehouse

An entire forged of Wodehouse creations--including tyrannical kin, beastly associates, demon childrens, and literary fatheads--return for extra close to catastrophes and gleaming comedy put out of your mind is proud to offer 4 extra antic decisions from comedian genius, P.G. Wodehouse. A Damsel in misery is an early novel approximately Belpher citadel, the idyllic domestic of the aristocratic Marshmoreton relations and a precursor to the Blandings sequence. go away it to Psmith is a comedy event regarding crime and gunplay, prepared into movement via an umbrella within the Drones membership and Mulliner Nights is a sequence of news concerning the inimitable Mr. Mulliner, his impressive relatives, and the tipsy bishops, offended baronets, woman novelists, and haughty dowagers who widespread the bar-parlor of the Angler's relaxation. in the meantime, Lord ‘Chuffy' Chuffnell borrows the companies of Jeeves in thanks, Jeeves, whereas pursuing the affection of his existence, but if he reveals out that Jeeves's agency, Bertie Wooster, used to be engaged to Pauline himself, fearsome issues advance.

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