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From acid rain, CFC's, and the greenhouse impression to the food-chain and the gene financial institution, Oxford's completely revised Dictionary of Ecology, moment version presents 5,000 up to date entries on all facets of ecology and the environmental sciences. delivering direct entry to the main exact and updated details on hand, the dictionary covers an unlimited variety of matters, from plant and animal body structure, animal habit, evolution, environmental toxins, and conservation to climatology, meteorology, geomorphology, and oceanography. The Dictionary of Ecology, moment version, has been absolutely up to date to include advancements during this swiftly evolving box, fairly within the parts of molecular ecology, conservation, and the administration of habitats. additionally incorporated are biographical notes on eminent ecologists and different scientists, in addition to priceless cross-references that make this quantity a useful reference device for college students, pros, and a person with an curiosity within the flora and fauna and the environment.

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Many species are capable of emitting light, and these are the main contributors to bioluminescence in the sea. g. the fiatworm Amphiscolops, sea anemones, and corals) with which they exchange nutrients. Some are colonial There are many species. dioecious Possessing male and female flowers or other reproductive organs on separate, unisexual, individual plants. Compare MONOECIOUS. dioestrus The period between two *oestrus cycles in a female mammal. dioxin A member of a range of about 300 compounds produced as by-products of certain industrial chemical processes and also by the incomplete incineration 33 34  < previous page < previous page page_122 page_123 next page > next page > Page 123 of chlorinated hydrocarbon compounds, especially *polychlorinated biphenyls, when the incineration temperature is lower than about 1200ºC.

See also FLORAL PROVINCE and FLORISTIC REGION. 48 49 East Australian Current An oceanic water current that flows along the east coast of Australia. This narrow (100-200 km wide) current forms the westerly part of the anticyclonic circulation in the South Pacific. 5m/s. It is an example of a western *boundary current. easterly wave A type of weak *trough in a tropical easterly airflow, which has a wavelength generally of 2000-4000 km. Such waves occur, for example, over West Africa and in the Caribbean area, where they develop in summer and autumn with a weak or absent *trade-wind inversion, and in the central Pacific, when the equatorial trough is displaced northwards.

The causal agent is Ceratocystis ulmi, a fungus which appears to have originated in Asia, not Holland. The fungus develops and spreads in the xylem vessels; tyloses are formed. Symptoms include wilting, with curling and yellowing of foliage, followed by the rapid death of branches or the whole tree. The fungus is spread from tree to tree by 47 48 elm-bark beetles (commonly Scolytus species). In the 1960s a new and more virulent strain of the *pathogen was introduced into Britain on logs imported from Canada; since then many millions of elms have been killed, dramatically changing the landscape in many regions of Britain.

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