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The biblical Merod&) remain unclear. Certainly it is not, as popular etymology would have it, "calf of the sun god"; 2) Babylon; 3) Chief god of Babylon and, in the first millenium, head of the whole pantheon because of his victory over Tiamat. dnammu/a: 3) In the cosmogony of Eridu, the goddess who personified the primordial waters. For a reading namma rather than nammu see M. Civil, OrNS 54 (1985) 27, note 1. 102 Divine Names Divine Names dnanna: 2) Ur; 3) The Sumerian moon-god. His en-priestess lived in the Gipar at the Karzida in Ur and was one of the major personages in Sumerian religion.

To return to its place) the land of Sumer (what the Sumerians called their land); see Place Names see 16-R-him-ma dwelling the land of Akkade (uri <*war(i);what the Sumerians called Akkade); see Place Names to love; to show affection beloved see gil-R-ti totality five-sixths see nu-R courtyard half (in 39:21 it refers to the hair of the head) to purify; to make culticly pure pure; holy silver silver divorce-settlement silversmith refined silver gold (see A. Sjoberg, JCS 40 [I9881 174) see h--R (this verbal root must be distinguished from ku4(-r) because it can appear as h--ku) to (let) enter; to bring in (see J.

Iubur: Subartu, the land to the north of Mesopotamia; it seems to appear in the name of the divinity dnin-Subur (see Divine Names). tir-ku(-g) (21 ii 15): "Pure 'Forest"'. The location of Nifiursag's gi-ga-na that Enmetena built. ummaki: A Sumerian city, the hereditary enemy of Lagal. lagaIfi: The settlement LagaS in the state of the same name (see M. ). unugk" (uruk): The city of An and Inanna. larsak"(-m): The Sumerian city of the sun-god. It ruled Sumer in Old-Babylonian times between the fall of Isin and the rise of Babylon.

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