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By G.W. Gokel

This quantity provides quite a few articles that surround the wide scope of supramolecular chemistry. Reusch's bankruptcy covers organic channel compounds, whereas the paintings of corridor and Kirkovits seems to be into their man made opposite numbers. steel ion sensors, calixarenes and ''crystal engineering'' are defined by means of pioneers in those fields. This paintings, while present and authoritative, exhibits us that a lot is still undertaken and understood. it truly is was hoping that this quantity can be of curiosity to people who desire to fill those gaps; scientists already within the box and those that might even see extensions in their personal paintings that may deliver them into it.

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25 min of sustained single open-level transitions varying in lifetime from 50 ms to nearly 20 s. This was recorded after a period of quiescence, which was preceded by a period of irregular high activity. Beyond the range o f - 4 0 to +80 mV, erratic spiking began to occur, which eventually overwhelmed the discrete open levels. The current-voltage relationship for 22 (Figure 14) shows a mean conductance of ca. 61 pS. The second compound to exhibit single-channel activity was G-N21N-Ant (29) which also exhibited a period of regular openings after a period of no activity.

Using a segment condensation strategy, Voyer and co-workers 49prepared a 21-amino acid peptide composed of 15 L-leucines and six 21-crown-7 L-phenylalanines (34). These amino acids were chosen for their high propensity to form o~-helices. The compound was designed to form an artificial ion channel of ca. 30/~ in length by stacking of the 21-crown-7 rings when adopting an tx-helical conformation in a membrane bilayer. Cation flux was assessed in unilamellar vesicles using a pH-stat method. 5~ Essentially, transport across a bilayer was followed by monitoring the volume of titrant needed to maintain a set pH in response to proton-cation antiport as a function of time.

The anthryl units also offered an opportunity to detect cation complexation and establish host-guost stoichiometry by the extremely sensitive technique of fluorescence spectroscopy. 26 GREGORY J. KIRKOVITS and C. 9 / 19, R=H 20, R =tBu In the event all the channels containing metallocene units showed electrochemical activity but (21-23) showed an irreversible wave at ca. 720 mV (vs. Ag+/Ag). Addition of increasing amounts of cations (Na § K § Mg 2§ and Ca 2§ showed the expected anodic shifts 43 and at excess concentrations of cations a return to "pseudoreversibility" was observed in some cases.

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