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By Jeff Mariotte

The younger Pictish warrior Kral, aided through his dependable cadre of buddies, sails to the sinister and unsafe realm of Stygia, at the path of the stolen holy relic which can keep his people—the the teeth of the Ice undergo. but even after enduring perils past their darkest desires, they locate that a part of their prize is missing—stolen by way of the duplicitous warrior-thief, Conor.

Journeying into the guts of the Cimmerian desert within the lifeless of iciness, Kral and his partners look for their traitorous former comrade while the enraged Picts salary a determined, doomed struggle opposed to the nice King Conan himself.

Beset by way of enemies on all fronts, Kral needs to struggle for ownership of teeth of the Ice undergo if he's to avoid wasting his humans from utter annihilation, and declare a future he by no means may have dreamed of…

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He would not be able to outrace that: other weapons, perhaps, but not the thing that had slain the deer and left no wound. " "With you," he objected, "that year is likely to be the last of my life. " "I will admit that is true. My own life is likely to be no longer. " She held out her hand for his. He yielded it, and she drew the ivory-hilted Honor blade from her belt and cut deeply, but not wide: the dark blood welled up slowly in the cold. She set her mouth to the wound, and then he did the same, the salt hot taste of his own blood knotting his stomach in revulsion.

It pleased him. He had great skill. " He bowed, avoiding her eyes, and began working at his own gear, tying his few possessions into place at the back of the saddle. The blade's name was Changeling. He remembered it of the songs, and wondered could a smith have given so unlucky a name to a blade, even were he qujal. His own sword was of humbler make, honest steel, welltempered, nameless as befitted a common soldier or a lord's bastard son. He hung it on his saddle, swung up to mount and waited upon Morgaine, who was hardly slower.

It was a fight he forced, lady, but I killed my brother— my halfbrother— and he was Myya. So there are two clans with blood-debt against me, and I am no help to you. I am grateful for the shelter— I thank you: but it is no use to you to make claim against me. Only name me some reasonable service and I will do that for you in payment. You cannot stay here, you are cursed in every hold in Andur-Kursh, and no one that hears your name or sees you will refrain from your life. Listen, for all that you are, you have been generous with me, and I am giving you good advice for it: the pass south of here leads through Aenor, and I am bound that way.

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