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This variation encompasses a new and accelerated color part, thoroughly up-to-date DVD details, and several other fresh reports of Takashi Miike motion pictures that have been unavailable for insurance on the time of the book's preliminary construction.

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There he finds - again creating a parallel between protagonist and antagonist - that Wang and Shu have just been in an argument and that Shu is unconscious on the bed with Wang washing the blood of his hands in the bathroom (Wang ound a knife under Shu’s pillow, then proceeded to remove one of Shu’s organs with it as punishment - it remains unclear exactly which organ). Tatsuhito fires several bullets into Wang’s t o r s o , b u t t h e g a n g s t e r r e f u s e s t o d i e . E v e n w h e n t h e c o p c r a c k s a b o t t l e o v e r h i s read and sticks the broken glass into his jugular, Wang still crawls across the floor.

Learning of Kiba’s arrival, Wang sends a score of uniformed martial artists, ninjas and gangsters to the school to kill the newcomer. Many of the resulting fight scenes are badly timed, with wrongly chosen camera angles and a laughable use of undercranking, all of which results in making Takeshi Yamato look stiff and foolish. During one assault, Kiba is shot in the leg and staring into the barrel of a gun, when out of nowhere a fellow bodyguard called Ryo (Takanori Kikuchi) appears, with DaitB’s assistant Maki in tow, to save him in the nick of time -the nick of time in this case lasts nearly half a minute, since the gunman prefers to needlessly stall and talk instead of plugging Kiba in the head, thus of course allowing for Ryo to intervene.

In several scenes the dialogue is spoken in the Okinawan dialect, which also helps to add dimension to characters and setting. Although Bodyguard Kiba is a step up from Miike’s previous work, taken at face value or compared to the director’s later films it comes off as little more than an average action film. The intrigue is too uninspired and by-the-numbers, while some of the characters still don’t have much of a function. The Okinawan police detective serves mainly as an extra hand in action scenes, but his intended rivalry with Kiba is never properly developed, making an epilogue of the two men facing off in a one-on-one fight feel very much superfluous.

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