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32 And I’ll be damned if I recognize any objectively valid distinctions in life. Every life is sacred! Value judgments are made out of subjective necessity, but they have no validity beyond that. The proposition that every life is sacred is absolute. In this respect I will always remain a heretic. 33 Here Schweitzer is affirming the boundless ethic of his idea of Reverence for Life that links him not to his much-admired mentor Goethe, but to Indian thought, particularly the Jain doctrine of ahims¯a.

It was getting dark, and I kept climbing, past gated driveways, on a winding road to a mountaintop, overlooking the ocean to the west. Finally, I came to the home, and entered with the concert about to begin. I quietly said hello to Rhena, who was seated alone at a dining table toward the back, and then the music started. The Stern Quartet, with Christiane on the piano, played Mozart. I chatted and ate after the concert with the friends and neighbors, and exchanged a few introductory pleasantries with Rhena.

How can I possibly find fulfillment in my life? I have the desire to give, to give what I have in me and to improve through great and selfless action—and sometimes I smile when I see that people imagine that I have only one great wish: to become a “full professor”! . I hardly dare to read the journals of the French Missionary Society, Sister Hélène, noble soul! Because every time I open one of them, I read “We need people! ” And then I tell myself that it is easy to substitute the head of a seminary, an assistant professor, also the vicar and the organist for the concerts at Wilhelm’s Kirche—but there I will be needed.

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