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By Brian Yansky

A well mannered race of telepathic killer extraterrestrial beings, a ten-second global conquest, and one teenage boy collide during this wry, gutsy adventure.

Jesse is in heritage category while an impressive, effective race of extraterrestrial beings quietly takes over the earth in much less time than it takes him to sweep his tooth. such a lot people easily doze off and not get up. In moments, all people Jesse is familiar with and loves is long past, and he unearths that he's now a slave to a clumsy alien chief. at the shiny part, Jesse discovers he’s constructing telepathic powers, and he’s no longer the single one. quickly he’s forging new friendships and feeling without warning hopeful. while a mysterious woman seems to be in his desires, speaking approximately escaping, Jesse starts to imagine the extraterrestrial beings will not be invincible in spite of everything. but when Jesse and his neighbors be triumphant, is there at any place left to head? Brian Yansky deals a humorous, grim novel choked with every thing boys and sci-fi fanatics love: extraterrestrial beings, humor, motion, and a hefty dose of triumph.

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