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If the X i ’s are also identically distributed, then E n −1/2 Sn 2 ∞ ≤ (2e log d − e)E X 1 2 ∞. Note that lim d→∞ K Nem (d, ∞) 2e log d − e = lim = e. 2 entails that for large dimension d, the constants K Nem (d, ∞) and . 7183. 2. Arbitrary Lr -spaces. 1 is a special case of a more general inequality: Let (T, , μ) be a σ -finite measure space, and for 1 ≤ r < ∞ let L r (μ) be the set of all measurable functions f : T → R with finite norm f r := | f |r dμ 1/r , where two such functions are viewed as equivalent if they coincide almost everywhere with respect to μ.

Table 1 summarizes the constants K = K (d, ∞) we have found so far by the three different methods and for the three different cases. Table 2 contains the corresponding limits K ∗ := lim d→∞ K (d, ∞) . log d Interestingly, there is no global winner among the three methods. But for the centered 148 c THE MATHEMATICAL ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA [Monthly 117 Table 1. The different constants K (d, ∞). 9 log(2d) 2 Table 2. The different limits K ∗ . Nemirovski General case Centered case Symmetric case . 7463 .

A Banach space B with norm · is said to be of (Rademacher) type p if there is a constant T p such that for all finite sequences {xi } in B, p n E n ≤ T pp i xi p xi i=1 . i=1 Similarly, for 1 ≤ q < ∞, B is of (Rademacher) cotype q if there is a constant Cq such that for all finite sequences {xi } in B, q n E i xi n ≥ Cq−q xi i=1 q . i=1 Ledoux and Talagrand [13, p. 247] note that type and cotype properties appear as dual notions: if a Banach space B is of type p, its dual space B is of cotype q = p/( p − 1).

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