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By Noga Alon (auth.), Imre Bárány, József Solymosi, Gábor Sági (eds.)

Szemerédi's effect on modern arithmetic, in particular in combinatorics, additive quantity conception, and theoretical computing device technological know-how, is big. This quantity is a party of Szemerédi's achievements and character, at the social gathering of his 70th birthday. It exemplifies his outstanding imaginative and prescient and precise frame of mind. a few colleagues and neighbors, all most sensible gurus of their fields, have contributed their most recent study papers to this quantity. the subjects comprise extension and functions of the regularity lemma, the life of k-term mathematics progressions in a number of subsets of the integers, extremal difficulties in hypergraphs thought, and random graphs, them all attractive, Szemerédi variety arithmetic. It additionally comprises released money owed of the 1st , very unique and hugely winning Polymath tasks, one led by way of Tim Gowers and the opposite via Terry Tao.

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30] Y. Kohayakawa, V. Rodl , M. Schacht and E. Szemeredi, Sparse partition universal graphs for graphs of bounded degree, to appear. [31J A. Lubotzky, R. Phillips and P. Sarnak, Ramanujan Graphs, Combinatorica, 8 (1988), 261-277. [32J G. A. Margulis , Explicit group-theoretical constructions of combinatorial schemes and their application to the design of expanders and sup erconcentrators, Problems of Information Transmis sion, 24 (1988), 39-46. [33J D. Marx, Can you beat treewidth? Proc . 48th Annual IEEE FOCS , (2007), 169-179.

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