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By J. Robert King

The top is near!

Phyrexian plagues and surprise troops have taken their toll. the ultimate degree of the invasion has all started, and the darkish lord Yawgmoth himself plans to move over into Dominaria to assert his prize. With time operating out, the battered heroes’ final wish to save lots of their domestic lies in an historic, untested weapon, a jumble of artifacts referred to as the Legacy.

Bear witness to the apocalypse.

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It's not me," he said simply. Then, reaching down, he pulled her other hand away from the bunk. Immediately, the torment diminished. " Orim's brow furrowed. " "She is transforming," Tahngarth replied, leaning his head back onto the pillow and releasing a long, raking sigh. " The proof of his words was written across his figure—the mottled fur in white and brown, the twisted horns, the bulky muscles. His Rathi transformation had been torturous enough. Now, he had been transformed again—by fire.

More than that—it made the two men want to fight. It was a contagious and irresistible thirst to kill. 31 Apocalypse Smiling, Gerrard hefted the hammer and stalked forward. A sanguine line wormed down his brow, dangerously near one eye. He shook his head, flinging spray. It formed circles in the sand. A roar answered from the crowd. He drank in the bitter sound. It roiled in his belly and burned in his muscles. The hammer rose of its own will. Gerrard barged toward Urza, along the wall. The planeswalker's shoulder had healed considerably under the ovations of the crowd, but bone fragments still jutted from it.

In the royal balcony, puffs of soot billowed gladly from the nostrils of the black dragon. Even Hanna seemed to take especial interest in that bold reversal. Gerrard cared nothing for any of their opinions. Instead, he stood tall above his foe, staring down at Urza with eyes no less strange. Gerrard's fists circled before him. "Let's do this right, Planeswalker," he said. "Bare hands. Nothing but knuckle. " Warily eyeing his foe, Urza rose to one elbow and gathered his legs beneath him. "I have always fought with steel.

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