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Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Ockendon, M . 1 972. Situational dialogues. London: Longman. Oller, J. W . , Jr. 1 976. 'Language testing' . In R. Wardhaugh and H. D. Brown, eds. A survey of applied linguistics. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press. Oller, J . W . , Jr. 1979. Language tests at school: a pragmatic approach. London: Longman. Oller, J. W . , Jr. In press . 'Explaining the reliable variance in tests: the validation problem'. In E. Briere and F. Hinofotis, eds. TESOL '78. Oller, J .

Perhaps the best known such 'applications' are those that adapt, wholly or in part, entire formal systems. We have, for example, Ann Nichols' 1 965 text (English Syntax: Advanced Composition for Non-Native Speakers), based upon the principles of immediate constituent analysis and the earliest contributions of Chomsky ( 1 957) . Constructing Sentences (Rand 1 969) is a direct reflection of Lees' Grammar of English Nominalizations ( 1 960) and my own Modern English, in its 1 968 version, borrowed some of the trans­ formational apparatus and generalizations from Syntactic Structures (Chomsky 1957) and Aspects of the Theory of Syntax (Chomsky 1965) .

In progress. 'Inferencing strategies for com­ munication' . ) Goffman, E. 1 978. ' Response cries' . 4:787-8 15. Grimes, J . E. 1 975. The thread of discourse. The Hague: Mouton. Groot, Peter J. M. 1 975. Testmg communicative competence in listening com­ prehensron. In R. L. Jones and B. Spolsky, eds. Habermas, J . 1 970. • Introductory remarks to a theory of communicative competence'. 3 . Reprinted in H. P. Dreitsel, ed. Recent sociology. No. 2. London: Macmillan. Halliday, M . A. K. 1 970. Language structure and language function.

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