Download Proceedings of the 9th Workshop on Aspects, Components, and by hrsg. von Bram Adams, Michael Haupt, Daniel Lohmann PDF

By hrsg. von Bram Adams, Michael Haupt, Daniel Lohmann

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Now the challenge is how to ensure secrecy and integrity of data exchanged between company and employees, especially when we cannot trust client processes running on a computer with lowersecurity. First, let us see a chat system without any security mechanism. Figure 1 illustrates a simplified distributed chat system that consists of six nodes. The nodes ALICE and BOB represent two users’ chat functionalities inside the chat system (trusted). The nodes GUI1 and GUI2 represent the users who use the chat system (trusted).

A specialized language for aspectualizing component models. It relies on the concept of views that alter the basic component architecture by introducing new composite components. These extra composites can then be wrapped in order to intercept their interfaces and alter their basic behaviors for satisfy extra constraints. We have proposed a declarative language to define views. Our language do not rely on a specific component model. We have shown how to implement VIL in Fractal component model.

Controller name=req> ........... ........... > Figure 8. Views Integration into Fractal-ADL interfaces by both wrappers are disjoint and they are not in conflict with each other. However, this is not a general rule. So, we cannot consider that two wrappers are not in conflict just because they do not intercept common interfaces. As counterexample, let us consider the following saving energy constraint: C3 After carrying a thousand of containers in a day the arm should run in slow mode.

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